March 10, 2018 Northward! Good bye Marathon!

We were tucked inside a large boat blocking our stern. Jim from Hour Plan held our lines until we could safely sneak by & exit!  AC again captured photos of our progress. Good bye AC & Jim! Big adventures await you! (Europe on QEII).

Forgot to mention that High Performance boats had a convention at Farro Blanco while we were there! They go to Key West in 30 minutes for lunch.  They were a nice bunch of guys. But as we were heading North, so were they!  We had to keep an eye out for them. They were upon us before we could see them in most cases.  I tried to get photos, but was almost impossible given their speed.

IMG_1540 2

Black Diamond at Farro Blanca

The winds 11-15 mph today, beautiful sky.  Seas a moderate chop, a thunder storm predicted for late in the day.  We are headed for Plantation Key. We had reservations at Mangrove Marina for slip A -11. The details on the approach were sketchy, & the water low (or skinny as they say).  Bad sign when they give you a slip assignment in advance!  I started to radio the marina & also called them on the phone repeatedly. It kept saying “all circuits are busy”. We never were able to reach them.  We blew our horn but nobody listened! I finally spotted A dock & we slid between the pilings to the rickety wooden dock.  A nice gent on the dock took my bow line & by 1:30 we were done for the day! There were many live aboards on the dock, and remnants of Hurricanes Irma & Matthew evident. We went to pay at the office. I told him about not being able to reach him on the radio “Ya, my VHF ain’t workin’ “.  No worries, we purchased some ice and then walked Judy.  It looks like it was a great place with a restaurant before the hurricanes.


Beautiful day



Mangrove Marina Restaurant closed since hurricaine.

The photo is on Saturday night, maybe they will open soon. We turn the clocks back tonight. It rained through the night which was delightful & soothing!


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