2018! January 17! We resume our journey!

After a blessed two months at home in New Hampshire & Rhode Island, we anxiously resume our Loop! We drove back, arriving in Punta Gorda on the 17th of January.  We restocked Resolute with fresh groceries and are delighted to be on the water again.

We have reservations in Key West on January 25. With luck, the weather will permit us a safe passage. We plan on crossing from Marco Island, so now our objective is get to Marco & wait for good weather.

The weather in Florida is not what I expected! On January 18, it was 33 degrees. I’m wearing winter boots , hat, parka, & mittens. We decide to wait until January 20th to depart.

We had a considerable amount of engine work done while we went north. Andy, the mechanic walked us through all completed work.  Basically every system was opened & maintenance performed. We are nervous about all connections and have been instructed to check engine compartment every half hour for leaks or loose connections.

The day before we left, our hull was scrubbed by a diver (with before & after photos).  Marine growth on the hull contributes to slow speed,  reduced fuel efficiency, hull damage, etc. Sitting for so long in these Florida waters puts a toll on the hull.  Luckily we have very good paint and the bottom was in  good shape after the cleaning.

January 20th. Plan to go only short distance for first trip. Heading to Captiva Island.


Exiting Burnt Store Marina at dawn


59 degrees & boots on! Going to reach 60 today! Still chilly!

7:16 am, departed Punta Gorda, happy to be at sea again! Wearing my boots again today! Engine checks every 1/2 hour reveal no problems. Temperature of engine remains good at 172 degrees.


Oh the Joy of rolling in the sand!


Oh Captain, my Captain!

Low water at Captiva. 3’4″ on the way in! (our draft is 3’5″). Didn’t hit bottom so all good! We arrived at 10:35 am. Just long enough to get us back into the swing of things! Jude happy to see the beach, enjoyed swimming, rolling in the sand, and retrieving coconuts!

We relaxed by the pool, wrapped in towels to keep us warm! We skipped the dip in the pool but enjoyed the hot tub immensely ! Dined at Harborside Grill, little ambience but great food!  Pete had shrimp & steak while I enjoyed grouper on top of rice with mango, shallots & coconut sauce! AMAZING!  The mojito was also to die for! Life is good!




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